Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I invest in TISER?
You can invest in cryptocurrencies or perfect money with a profit of 30 to 50% per month.

From what age can I invest?
Participation in the program by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited.

What is the exchange rate for the cryptocurrency program?
BTC-Fixed $50000, ETH-Fixed $5000, LTC-Fixed $100, DOGE-Fixed $0.1, BCH-Fixed $500, DASH-Fixed $100, XRP-Fixed $1, TRX-Fixed $0.1, STELLAR-Fixed $0.5, BNB-Fixed $500

How can I make a deposit?
To do this, you need to register, and then make a deposit in your account.

What profit will I receive in the TISER program?
It depends on which tariff plan you choose. In the "S" plan, you will receive 1% per day for 30 days. In plan "L" 10% per week for 4 weeks and in plan "X" 50% per month indefinitely. You can close the deposit under the "X" plan at any time from the 30th day without commission. Please note that closing the deposit under the "X" plan within 29 days, a commission of 5% will be charged.

What is the minimum amount to participate in the program?
The minimum investment in the TISER project is $50.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from the project?
The minimum withdrawal amount from the TISER project is $5.

How quickly will I receive my profit on the wallet?
Withdrawal of funds from the project no more than 24 hours from the moment of the request.

Can I make a withdrawal in another currency?
You can withdraw only the currency in which you have invested in TISER.

Can I participate in the referral program without a deposit in TISER?
Yes. No deposit is required to participate in the referral program.

How much profit will I receive from my referrals?
From referrals 1 level 5%, 2 levels 2% and 3 levels 1%.

In what currency will I receive profit from the referral program?
You will receive profit in the currency in which your referrals make deposits.

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